Sayeh Sarfaraz
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Au Pays des Mollahs

Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain 
Exposition du 14 janvier au 5 février 2015

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Sayeh Sarfaraz translates the movements of social uprising into aesthetic forms that can be choreographed into new compositions. Her drawings take their roots from the Persian miniatures culture and expressed in a contemporary way with modern references. The characters in her drawings give way to expressions of violence in the fragility of these simple forms. Together, these innocent and threatening motifs engender ambiguous images that forge a bond between the symbolic and the real. Each drawing is related to the other and together they create a movement of social composition - the curves, the lines, and the way the drawings branch out from each other or merge to shape a new form. Between child-like magic and the brutality of current events, these images challenge us to fight against our docile loss of critical perspective.

  Photographie: Olivier Rioux 

© Copyright Sayeh Sarfaraz