Sayeh Sarfaraz
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Ville imaginaire, 2012

Collaborative project with the participation of Noemie da Silva, Marie Dauverne, Vanessa Lapointe, Payam Mofidi, Sayeh Sarfaraz.
This project was realized with the support of the arts council of Montreal, Défi Montreal et démArt-mlt.
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Ville Imaginaire is at once a project, a creation workshop, an artwork and an exhibition. Launched in October 2011, this undertaking took shape thanks to the participation of six emerging artists who had in common their different origins and composite cultures, thus creating a cosmopolitan group. Starting from their shared experiences and diverging histories, the artists worked around the concept of an imagined city- and the discovery of it, creating their own fantastical city.
In this project, the creation process takes on a role of fundamental importance. Here, the creation workshop feeds itself from the notion of confrontation and cooperation of cultures, of identities as well as artistic practices from diverse origins. Ville Imaginaire acts as a laboratory for exchange and invention where democratic dialogue and consensus introduce themselves to the group in order to make real and give rise to new shapes. The materials and processes used by the artists find their origins in childhood memories, which in turn appear as a playground for shared dialogue, where play becomes a tool for comprehension and construction.





Photographer : Noemie da Silva


© Copyright Sayeh Sarfaraz