Sayeh Sarfaraz
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On rejoue?

Foreman art gallery, Sherbrooke, QC.
Curated by Vicky Chainey Gagnon
Exhibition: May 17-July 5, 2014

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Let’s Play Again?

"The oppression of women, the bombs and the violence of the Basij have certainly left a strong impression on me".

Navigating the difficult territory of Middle Eastern politics, the artist explores the theme of a child's world, while expressing the sense of betrayal felt by the Iranian people towards the leaders of the Islamic regime. Sarfaraz' work investigates recurring anxieties of conflict, repression and censorship through the childlike coding system of a plastic toy collection. By staging the figurines in specific patterns, she links her own exile and other violent situations to the power struggles of Iran and the people’s desire for freedom. This distortion between play and politics highlights the injustice of the manipulation of the weak, the gulf between great powers and a people’s struggle for freedom. Through Sarfaraz' work, we come to understand the idea that day-to-day experiences of conflict are not the exclusive property of a specific nation or country.

Vicky Chainey Gagnon




  Photographer: Francois Lafrance

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