Sayeh Sarfaraz
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Micropixies, 2014

A co-presentation by InterAccess and Le Labo
Curated by Maiko Tanaka
March 7–29, 2014

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Isolated, or without response from its adversaries, a social uprising has no meaning or interest. On the oth- er hand, worldwide interest in recent popular mobilizations spread quickly through television, print, online and social media channels. What happens to memory of such intense, violent and politically charged events when experi- enced in a remote and mediated way? For this debut exhibition of Sayeh Sarfaraz’s work in Toronto, the artist continues her investigation into the ex- perience and memory of social move- ments and uprisings taking place in her native country of Iran. To grapple with these events, the artist recreates scenes that play out the relations between an oppressive government and its popula- tion, between power and its entities.

Many thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for their support on this project.

  Photographer: InterAccess, Toronto

© Copyright Sayeh Sarfaraz