Sayeh Sarfaraz
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Fox & Friends, 2013
  22 march - 26 april 2013, Centre d'artistes Vaste et Vague 
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Fox & Friends highlights the brutality and violence of dictatorships in the world and their antagonism: protests and demonstrations for civil rights of the people. The constant fear of conflict, censorship and sequestration of the Iranian people is dramatically shown with the naive language of a collection of plastic toys. Figurines are staged in a way that they experience fierce fighting, bombings and imprisonment. Skillfully, the artist plays with censorship concepts to address the abuse of freedom of expression. By recreating those events, the artist brings them back from oblivion where they can take part of our collective memory.

>> 21 march: Fox & Friends, Télé Québec

Many thanks to the Quebec Council for the Arts for their support on this project.




  Photographer : Edith Jolicœur, Robert Dubé

© Copyright Sayeh Sarfaraz