Sayeh Sarfaraz
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Monde hybride , 2006

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10m2, with 250 elements

I've adopted a procedure of transformation: hybridization. The juvenile characters that lives in the Walt Disney world are hybrids; half animals, half humans. They live in the extraordinary world of childhood that gently welcomes the Park visitors. At the moment when those visitors start to respond favorably to this introduction, they get hit with a powerful army that attracts visitors in a whirlwind of commercialism. To unveil this hidden aggressitivy, I've worked on the military strategies of the Disney characters that are the soldiers of this company.

Those characters have a function of protection of the center that I depict with my pictures of the shop windows that block the access to the merchandise. All the information outdoor is indoor and you find inside everything that is ready to go out. This mix between indoor and outdoor permits the circulation of the characters and their protection.

The monumental size of the company is shown by the important number of characters that constitute a real army. For me, this hybridization was the logic continuation of my feelings in the Disney park.


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