Sayeh Sarfaraz
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Aide-mémoire, 2008


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20 m2, with 300 elements

Depicting observations of life during a stay, an integration, in a new country by way of pages in my agenda.

Day after day, I have confined sentences, information, facts and, also, my reactions and my feelings, consequence of a new life, reflecting my roaming, my Iranian roots and, consequently, my exile.

An exile rendered that more difficult by the refusal of France to integrate me fully and forcing me to immigrate another time. Many profound and complex problematic issues which are difficult to accept and will not be easily absorbed During my journey, I have archived objects that crossed my way, objects of no interest in our society of consumerism that gives life to a story, tale of an integration that built by problems lived repetitively.

In this project, my agenda becomes a storing tool for information – a private space that becomes public, an intimate universe that takes the form of a video that permits and sometimes, even, unveil experiences.


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